So You’re Thinking of Getting a Motorcycle…

It’s that time of year again…motorcycles are coming out of storage. And the question looms, is this the year you get up on two wheels? Now motorcycling isn’t for everyone: There are no cup holders on motorcycles, you can’t smoke a cigarette and you can’t talk on your cell phone… You can’t even zone-out and daydream because if you do, you’ll probably die. Okay, maybe not die, but it’ll get you into trouble. Riding a motorcycle is harder that taking the subway or driving a car, but there are some reasons in favor of it:

1. You can bypass quite a bit of traffic when traffic is at a standstill…

2. Gas mileage. My first bike, Ninja 250, gets 50-70 miles per gallon! AND yet it’s faster than 90% of the cars on the road (corvette’s and luxury cars are whales in comparison)…

3. You can enjoy your commute and the freedom that comes with it…

4. Parking (see previous post)

5. The skyline is awesome when you’re riding at night…

But what about all the dangers associated with motorcycling? There are real dangers…but they can be managed. If we’re talking about riding in Manhattan, you’re already facing similar dangers as a pedestrian (mainly from cabs and cars). The only difference on a motorcycle is you can move fast enough to avoid them. And after you spend some time dodging thru city traffic, the highway is a breeze… Life is full of risks, but we learn to manage and minimize them. Riding a motorcycle is no different.

Some questions you might want to ask yourself before you decide is: are you comfortable driving in the city? If you’re not comfortable driving a car safely, you probably shouldn’t be getting up on two wheels in the city. Are you accident prone when you’re on the road – are you a defensive driver? If you’re not, then you might want to reconsider getting on a bike.

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7 responses to “So You’re Thinking of Getting a Motorcycle…

  1. How about the insurance? where do you get good rates?

  2. I’d say give Progressive a call for NYC. They’re pretty bike-friendly (unlike some of the other big companies) and their rates are good for NY…which is still high.

    Just for reference, I pay under$400 a year for a super-sport, just for liability. A friend of mine pays a little over $200 for an SV650 just for liability (I think it’s around $400 for full coverage).

  3. Oh my gosh i love city riding.

  4. nice to hear about riding in NYC.
    Maybe I’ll hire a bike there next time I visit. Would be an interesting alternative to the subway!
    In the meantime, I’m riding and writing my learner motorcycle rider blog about the experiences of a new learner rider on the way to getting their full motorcycle licence in Sydney Australia. Hope you find it good reading!

  5. This helped me a lot I’m thinking of buying an underbone. Thanks! 😀

  6. starkravingmadeleine

    Riding in New York would be fantastic! I learned to ride in Los Angeles… I loved the test. They send you off to go around the block and if you make it back, you get your license! Exactly what would show that you’re now able to navigate the highways at 90mph.

    I recommend trying dirt biking if you can, it makes you a much better street rider very quickly. Also, if you’re too chicken to start off on a motorcycle, get a scooter. Scooters would be perfect in a city like NY and so easy to ride my wimpy girly girl friends can even do it.

  7. I LOVE YOU recently I posted on this forum explaining that I live in NYC and was thinking of getting a bike most people said go for it but this one top poster guy completely shut me down and made me feel like the biggest tool for even thinking of motorcycles. But you’ve completely changed my out look thank you!

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