Time Waster: Motorcycle Personalities

Here’s something for the Monday morning blues: motorcycles tend to say something about their owners. The task here is simple: Match the real life (or fictional) personality with the motorcycle.

Hints – Not that you need them, but I put the answers in the comment section.  If you just need a hint, you need to ask yourself, “What does each bike say about its rider?” I propose the following…once you get this they’re easy to match:

  1. BMW F650, “I want to save the world” or at least travel there as an eco-tourist
  2. Triumph Daytona, “Brits can still rock”
  3. Confederate Hellcat, “Please think I’m cool – I’m really not too old for her…”
  4. Repsol Fireblade, “I like going 185 mph”
  5. Ducati Monster, “Viva Italia!”
  6. Jet Engine Powered MV Y2K, “I can afford all the toys I want…and get a tax write-off for using it on my show.”

2 responses to “Time Waster: Motorcycle Personalities

  1. In case there was any question: 1-d, 2-e, 3-c, 4-b, 5-a, 6-f…


  2. I know dozens of MDs and the more apropos ride for the “House MD” is a Vespa — sitting in the garage after having been ridden for one summer, or an over-dressed Harley taken out on perfect 75 degree Sundays only.

    Docs don’t ride bikes in general and when they, only barely.

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