In the News: A User-Friendly Superbike?

“…The biggest news with this year’s model is the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector, or S-DMS, which lets riders choose between different engine power settings at the flip of a switch — while riding, at whim and as conditions warrant.” – Sue Carpenter, LA Times

We’re still at a cross-over age in motorcycles, in which a good number of riders still drive around without gas gauges or fuel injection. Instead many of us have to use the choke and remember to flip the fuel shutoff to ‘reserve’ for those last few miles before a fill up. The crossover point seems to be 2001-2003… God said “let there be fuel injected motorcycles” and there was, and we saw that it was good. Now even Harleys are fuel injected… FI has become ubiquitous in motorcycle factories, although not (yet) on the road.

With computer controlled fuel injection comes certain possibilities. Not only can you take a laptop and remap your FI computer for more power (or fuel efficiency)…now, Suzuki seems to have quietly opened the bag on mapping throttle response for riders… Check out the LA Times link above for a first hand review of the new Gixxer with its Drive Mode Selector (DMS). The Suzuki DMS has three settings:

  • A-mode for the quickest throttle response,
  • B-mode for softer response except at higher rpms, and a
  • C-mode for all around softer response.

Now this version is designed for the race track – the reviewer didn’t notice much difference in the settings on the street – but this line of thinking opens interesting possibilities for street riders! It also shows that Suzuki isn’t just thinking about making bikes for championship racers, but for real people too.


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