Reading, Riding and Arithmetic

From a purely statistical point of view, motorcyclists may not stand much chance riding in urban environments. However, we know there’s more to riding (and life) than statistics. It’s up to you, the rider, to manage risks and enjoy the freedom of two wheels without being a danger to anyone. Motorcycle writer, Nick Ienatsch, pointed out that in ten years of working at a motorcycle magazine none of the five to ten people who rode to work (daily!) were in serious accidents. That should be the norm!

So one good practice you see in many experienced motorcyclists (and cityrider readers especially), is that when they’re not riding their bikes, they improve their skills by reading… So I offer for your consideration a couple of links for the citybiker:

Have a favorite article or book (or even forum topic) on riding skills? Share the wealth, post a link in the comments section. Cheers!


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