Reasons to Gear-Up

“Tom Cruise doesn’t gear up, why should I?” Okay let’s not disrespect any member of the motorcycling community here, but Tom has more than one questionable idea in his head… Getting back to motorcycles: The cool thing about motorcycle gear is that it actually works. MotoGP riders fall at incredible speeds only to get right up and continue riding (usually the riders survive crashes better than their bikes). I believe the statistic is that there has only been one MotoGP fatality on the track (in modern MotoGP racing) which is amazing [corrected!]! On the other hand motorcycle fatalities are on the rise: more people are taking to two wheels and crashing.You know the feeling: it’s a beautiful day, warm, a little sticky, and you want to go for a ride… Just a quick one. You don’t need all your gear right? Are boots and gloves and jacket really necessary? C’mon other states don’t even require helmets!

Gloves can save your fingers, foot injuries are the most common motorcycling problem that quality boots can practically eliminate, and motorcycle jackets and pants can allow you to take a fall and get right back up again (as long as you don’t hit anything stationary). CE rated armor is cheap and low profile (as long as your jacket fits correctly) – and we don’t even need to talk about helmets here… Here’s a link to a post that’s been going around.

If you ever need extra motivation to gear-up, try this link from Urban Moto [WARNING: pretty shocking! Not work safe, or home safe, or normal person safe…]


3 responses to “Reasons to Gear-Up

  1. Daijiro Kato (#74) died as a result of injuries sustained in a crash during the MotoGP race at Suzuka in April 2003.

  2. Hey Barney, you’re right! …unfortunately (for Kato, I mean…) Was he the only one for MotoGP? I believe Ivan Palazzese also died on the track in 1989 on a GP 250…and Joey Dunlop on a 125.

    If you know, drop a comment! Cheers!

  3. wow man, i just found your site. i thought i was the only one out there writing about nyc traffic! your article about safety is dead on. i’m sure i’ve seen you at times around the city. i ride around with a leather pants over a plastic safety protector, a white leather jacket over a dainese full torso protector, white helmet, and white racing gloves. i wouldn’t wear anything else. i’ve been side-swiped by cabs enough times to know that if one ever hits me fast enough, i’m toast without the gear. drop me a line sometime

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