Time Waster: The Non-Biker Biker

It’s not any desire for speed, just mobility… Traffic…is really terrible, and this allows me to get around much more freely. I can get to twice as many appointments as non-bike-riding designers.” — Tom Dixon, Designer

There are biker-types and non-biker types… A common reaction I get is, “I would never have guessed you rode a motorcycle” indicating that this person is NOT the biker type. For some people the biker-type means black leather, sunglasses and bandanna – for others it means wild racing leathers and multi-colored Suomy helmets… If you don’t happen to fit into either of those categories people probably tell you, you’re probably a non-biker biker. Now I have nothing against any of the biker types, but this is a salute to those who don’t fit that mold…people who, for whatever reason, don’t have the time or ability to be part of a mainstream biker subculture – but nevertheless love to ride (and even have places to go at times). In a way, this is what CityBiker is geared toward… Don’t get me wrong, we love motorcycles – cruisers, supersports, and everything in between – but we want to keep in mind that the point of riding is living, and not the other way around. Okay – enough of the mumbo jumbo – the next post will be about bikes, the whole bike, and nothing but…

To read the Times article about Tom Dixon, London designer and veteran city biker, click here. To see what Tom does when he’s not on his motorcycle, check out his web site.


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