Time Waster: The Electric R1 Future?

You’ve probably heard of the Tesla sport-electric by now. Instead of making street-going golf carts, they developed on the performance advantages of electric motors. Performance advantages?!?! An idea previously unheard of in the world of electric cars – the main performance advantage of an electric motor is torque. All torque, all the time, no power band to worry about because all the power is right there at the flip of a switch. Granted this idea hasn’t fully materialized into a daily driving automobile yet, but, I think, it’s finally on the right track. But what about motorcycles? Enter the Lightning Motors Lithium Poweres Sport Bike (not the same as the video above – click the link the see it). Now this R1 is clearly not ready for prime time – at least not without a lot of work – but you got to hand it to these guys…this is not Honda or Yamaha, these are small “shops” taking available technology and doing something useful (ie, burning rubber). But this electric R1 gives us an idea of what sportbikes might be like in 10-20 years… No clutch or shifter, no exhaust sound, just a 100hp motor ready to unleash everything instantaneously at the twist of a wrist. All they need to do is raise the top speed by 50%, extend the range to 130-150 miles, and you can sign me up!

(Note: Yep, you can buy electric conversions to fit into any motorcycle right now, like in the video above.)


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