Bikes are Dangerous…(but maybe not as dangerous as you think!)

[Okay we’re back from our blogging hiatus! Too many nice riding days, and too much work to crank out to be sitting behind a computer screen. Hope you’re doing well and riding safe!]

Most bikers have heard about the Hurt Report. It gave us useful tips like how weather and road conditions were not a factor in 98% of motorcycle accidents, and how 92% of those in accidents had no formal training (so take your MSF and ride in the rain!) But what it doesn’t tell us is exactly how dangerous is motorcycling?

Here are the numbers (for 2004) from the NYS DMV:

  • There were 256,571 licensed motorcyclists (in 2004) in NY State
  • 4,588 motorcycle accidents,
  • 148 of which resulted in a death

That means 1.79% of motorcyclists were in an accident in 2004, and 0.06% were killed. Just to put this into perspective, the percentage of people in the US who died of cancer in 2004 was 1.87% (most of which is tobacco related).

As a motorcyclist, you are almost three times less likely to die of a motorcycle accident this year than dying of cancer. The odds are actually a little better than that if you take into account nearly half the motorcycle accidents are by unlicensed riders (but I couldn’t get the exact numbers on that from the DOT).

What this means is, if you have a choice between riding a motorcycle and smoking cigarettes, your odds are slightly better on a motorcycle. Fortunately there are no DOT statistics for smoking cigarettes WHILE on a motorcycle, but I’m sure that pretty much means instant death. j/k!


[PS – the graphic is from the ICBC Insurance web site – no help for us here in the US, but neat graphic nonetheless]


One response to “Bikes are Dangerous…(but maybe not as dangerous as you think!)

  1. Always an inspiration to have you blogging for the cause.

    Dont Forget RIDE TO WORK DAY! July 18th.

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