Motorcycles Save Lives

Riders for Health uses motorcycles to transport doctors and deliver medicine in Africa.  Check out the promotional video with Valentino Rossi giving a plug a the end…on (the other) Times Online.  They recently raffled off Bono’s Ducati (formerly owned by INXS singer, Michael Hutchence).  Pretty cool.


3 responses to “Motorcycles Save Lives

  1. On the subject of saving lives, I read an aerostich ad of why a gentleman ride a motorcycle and at the end he said-since he stopped taking public transport and rode to work everyday he almost never got sick.

    I thought about it and realized that I who usually catches something once a month, have also stopped getting sick since I started riding everyday. Anyone else find this as well?

  2. Hmm you may be on to something…

  3. Colds and the flu are infectious disease transmitted from person to person. If you ride a motorcycle and stop taking public transport, you decrease the chance of transmission.

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