Monthly Archives: March 2008

The Most Dangerous Time of Year

[For your viewing pleasure, here’s a video on Target Fixation]

I don’t have statistics on hand for this, but anecdotally…right now (until May or so) seems to be the most dangerous time of year to ride a motorcycle. The most common scenario is, a person who’s been riding for a few years gets his bike out of storage and starts riding without realizing that his riding skills have dulled a bit over the winter months… He goes a little too fast, experiences target fixation and goes down.

Every spring I hear of a couple of funerals for bikers in the NY area (both squids and more seasoned riders). Even for those of us who have been riding all winter, we too can be out of practice… It’s easy to overlook how gently we’ve been riding over the salt and gravel all winter… So as we start to ride harder we find that our abilities have dulled a bit, even though we’ve been riding all along.

Not to mention…the nice weather also seems to call out all the bad drivers in NY.  These are the people who drive too slow at times, and too unpredictably at others…slowing down to a near stop for no reason and then making sharp fast turns while being totally oblivious to the two-wheelers around them.  As for the cabs – yes, some of them really are out to kill you, so ride accordingly…

All that to say: Let’s take it easy out there people! Take it slow, enjoy the ride, and take care in traffic!