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Reponsible Motorcycles

a good use of parking space

Motorcycles have long had a rebel image associated with it – and even scooters in NY are, to some extent, part of a non-establishment counter-culture. Your grandmother wouldn’t like the idea of you riding either… People think of two wheeled vehicles as suitable only for pot smoking daredevils or badass biker boys. And unfortunately there are many of those – along with many who just want to dress the part… Nevertheless I’d like to propose something very different…I propose that motorcycles (and scooters) are actually the most responsible form of personal transportation available…for at least the following reasons:

First, motorcycles and scooters use less fuel than even today’s most advanced hybrids! At around 60mpg for my sportbike and 100 mpg for scooters they use less fuel than than a Toyota Prius. It does this even though the scooter is carburated – meaning it would be possible to get even better fuel economy. It also contributes less to landfills and does not contain toxic substances (the way electric car batteries do). If you were really serious about the environment and gas prices, you would support the two wheeled vehicle industry…

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