Let’s Talk Motorcycle Jackets

[Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Orlando Bloom in their leather jacket glory…]

Okay so here’s the truth about leather motorcycle jackets… And this is directed mainly at the men – women already have a good handle on this… Hey buddy, I know you THINK you look really cool in your motorcycle jacket – or you think you WOULD look cool walking around in that jacket – but you’d actually look like a dork (or an a**hole or scumbag, or like you’re going through a midlife crisis). There I said it. Even rock stars and movie stars look like that way – it’s just that they (sometimes) have enough cool to overcome it. Leather jackets don’t t actually make you look cool – I know you think it does, which is why your friends have asked me to tell you. It’s kind of sad. So thanks for understanding.

Now with that out of the way we can talk about motorcycle jackets. They’re for safety, not glamour. So you might want to spend the money on the parts of the jacket that are really worth it…


Usually, the lighter and more comfortable something is, the less abrasion resistance it has… So mesh jackets (generally) have the least abrasion resistance, thicker textiles a little more, and leather even more depending on the thickness. But the best protection won’t be any good if it’s too hot and uncomfortable to wear… And safety gear isn’t very safe if it gives you heat exhaustion sitting in traffic.

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8 responses to “Let’s Talk Motorcycle Jackets

  1. I wear a leather jacket all year round and found the alternative is to strap the jacket to the bike and cover it.

    When I didnt have that option I would fight over whether to wear a jacket or not (I chose to, but not everyone would).

    I think your sending a very bad message. Why would you badger someone for wearing safety gear, even in public? Even if the purpose is to just be a show off, I would rather see that guy wear his gear than ride around in plainclothes.

  2. Hey Sanka – thanks for your tip and for respectfully disagreeing!

    Perhaps then I should add that leather jackets actually DO look really cool when you’re on your bike… Which I think is true. Even if you’re wearing full leathers that make you look like a Power Ranger – it actually does look badass while you’re on your motorcycle…

  3. Yeah, I’m with Sanka. I wasn’t sure if you were telling people not wear jackets or to wear them. I for one never get on a bike without one. But I don’t always take it off just to go into wal-mart either. I also have never had anyone tell me I look like a dork in it just because I’m not on my motorcycle. They usually compliment my gear and start talking motorcycles with me. I don’t mind that one bit. I love it. I don’t think I look like a dorky a-hole scumbag mid-life crisis bearing mo fo. I’ve never really met anyone that has. But, I guess thats your opinion. No shame in that. But on the other hand I do like all the extra info you gave on the jackets. I does make a difference on selection for comfort, appearance, and coolness. Whether being cold cool, or awesome cool.

  4. Excellent article, although I would like to point out that Tom Cruise looks like a crazy a-h these days no matter what he is wearing. 😉 I get lots of compliments on my jacket, but I never wear it when I am not riding. Same reason I don’t wear a shirt and tie to the pool or my swim trunks to work – I would look out of place.

  5. Haha – I actually wear my jacket after I park (when I go somewhere with the bike)… So wasn’t saying it shouldn’t be done – but that you should only do it if you REALLY don’t care 🙂 which our readers obviously do.

    As for Tom – Tom we know you’re out there man…we know you’ve been held hostage in some spaceship by John Travolta – that robotic clone they’re trying to pass off as you can’t fool us. And when you get out, please please let us take a spin on your Ducati RR – we’ll be good, we promise.

  6. informative article. thanks for continuing the rider protection discussion.

  7. man i just got my leather jacket today and i look cool as hell.

  8. I’m one of those old midlife crisis guys that has been riding for years. and you know what? I don’t care if I look cool or not. My leather jacket keeps me warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather. You are right about the safety factor. My favorite jacket has the scars to prove that it saved me a bad case of road rash or worse. too.

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