Top Five Posts: Summer 08

On the one hand CityBiker is a regular blog for people who love to ride motorcycles – with a slight inclination toward people who live and ride in cities – but the other way people come to the site is through Google search looking common riding topics… So here are the top 5 posts that many people jump to – in case you missed it.

#1 Riding Tips: Finding the Right Position

Most people can get by with bad riding habits…but what the proper riding position offers is direct control over the motorcycle… When you are locked in the correct position on a motorcycle you can swerve left or right or make emergency maneuvers without having to brace yourself or change your body position… Steering becomes a simple matter of pushing left, to go left, pushing right to go right…this way you can focus on your driving without struggling with your weight or balance.

#2 How to Park your Motorcycle on the Street

It’s a strange feeling, the first time you leave your bike unattended on the streets of New York. Someone could just go sit on it and start messing around. A car could knock it over while parking. Anyone could come over and steal it. But the remarkable thing is…you CAN park on the streets, and it CAN be safe! Of course there are real “dangers” to worry about, but there are some simple things you can do to minimize the chances of it. First let’s talk about WHERE you can park in NYC…

#3 What Makes a Good Starter Bike?

…On congested city streets, a person who lacks the sense to learn safely on a 600 will not be safe on a 250. However there are principles and needs that can be understood and addressed to benefit new riders while increasing chances of safety developing motorcycle skills. So here’s a quick rundown of some basic needs new riders have along with some principles to apply in choosing a first motorcycle…

#4 Riding Tips: Taking a Passenger

Everyone who aspires to ride a motorcycle dreams of riding off into the sunset – or at least a nice dinner and a movie – with a friend or a date riding on the back.

#5 How to Buy a Used Motorcycle

With a few simple checks you will have a sense of the bike’s “Story.” If you have a bad feeling about something, simply walk away. There will always be another “perfect” “great deal” bike on Craigslist…

Two Runners Up:

Let’s Talk Motorcycle Jackets

Safety & Style


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