It used to be that all motorcyclists were either bandanna-and-leather “biker” types or bright leather racer-boy types… And that’s cool. But Citybikers are just regular people who think two wheels is better than four – who love the sounds motorcycles make, and the feelings of taking the twisty road (or zooming thru city traffic)… Citybikers are actors, architects, teachers, lawyers, analysts, traders, students and writers…(just to name a few) with a passion for riding.

If any of this sounds like you, then grab your helmet and welcome aboard! Cheers!


2 responses to “About

  1. Ilona Siller

    Thank you greatly for your blog.
    My friend is coming to New York for a couple of weeks and he is a bike fanatic.:) Any recommendations? Is there a place he can meet fellow riders in New Yorks city? Thank you. Ilona

    • Hey Ilona – I don’t know actually – it’s often hit or miss…and depends what kind of riding he likes to do. If he’s a sport rider – then definitely the nearest track NJMP… If he’s more into scenic riding – then up by Bear Mountain. You can find both in places like Astoria Park (on the East River on the Queens side) – but it’s not always a friendly place to meet new people. If he’s into scooters – I know the people at NYScooterclub have a weekly meeting and they’re cool – but there’s no good hangout for motorcycle riders. Someone should come start an Ace Cafe, NY edition.

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